Portable Charging dock for Xbox One

- May 22, 2019-


 Xbox One controller can be put into the charging base directly to charge. It can charge two Xbox One controllers at the same time. The double-charging base controls circuits adopting intelligent micro-control technology, there are two LED indicator lights, a red one and a green one. Its structure and appearance are delicate, it is indispensable equipment to game player.

2.Product Picutre:

Charging dock

    3、Product characteristics

3.1 The product adopt intelligent micro-control technology to control circuit

3.2 Transforming effectiveness of the product is more than 90%

3.3 It can charge two Xbox One series controllers with installed TYX-531 battery pack at the same time.

3.4 With two kinds of colour indicator light which is easy to understand

3.5 The structure and appearance is delicate, controller-placed method is convenient.

3.6 It has low power dissipation of standby, save electricity and it is environment friendly.

Product Specification