MythBusters Coming for Windows

- Jul 06, 2019-

A video game based on the popular Discovery Channel show, MythBusters, has been announced. MythBusters: The Game is "coming soon" for Windows PC via Steam.


Here is an overview of the game:

For the love of science! 
This is confirmed! 
There are still myths to bust. 
You have the opportunity to become a great Mythbuster! Confirm or Bust! 
Plan, build and experiment! Prove what is true and what is not! 
And remember that science is magic that works! 

Let yourself to feel scientific madness! Use the simplest items or complex machines. 
Plan your myths in the workshop and then move to the testing ground where you can check the validity of your theses. 
Experience the amazing effects of your hard work and interesting ideas. 

Be careful and prepared because each experiment carries a huge risk.
And remember: Don't Try This At Home.

Key Features:

  • Interesting economy elements

  • Knowledge improved by fun and exposed mysteries

  • Program production and popularity development 

  • New myths to discover

  • Work planned on blueprints

  • Progressive character development

  • Craft, upgrades, and production of new, elements for experiments

  • Magazine and workshop management