Muntifunction Dock for XBOX ONE/X/S

- Apr 13, 2019-

TYX-18122 1

* This product is compatible with the three kinds of new consoles such as XBOX ONE, XBOX ONE S and XBOX ONE X, which is easy to use and beautiful in appearance.

* This product can charge the original battery pack, and can be compatible with XBOX ONE,XBOX ONE S ,XBOX ONE X and Elite controller. Before charging, it is necessary to plug the MICRO adapter into the MICRO interface of the controller, and then put the controller on the two charging sockets of the base for charging.

* The built-in circuit has the over-current protection ( built-in self-recovery insurance ) to effectively protect the product from damage due to excessive current. The two high-speed fans speed up the air circulation inside the console of X-BOX to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

* There are 15 discs slots on the left of the product which is convenient for users to place 15 discs so as to play the game they like.

* This product adopts the USB terminal for supplying power on XBOX ONE console. Do not need to add power supply.

* This product can charge two XBOX ONE original controllers with original battery packs at the same time. When charging, the LOGO of XBOX ONE controller in the front display mirror displays red light. When the handle LOGO is green when it is fully charged. ( Note: When the controller is just placed on this charging dock, the red light and green light will flash once in turn because the internal capacitor charging of the controller and the delay of charging circuit identifying the battery, which is a normal phenomenon ).

Product specification:

* Input voltage current: 5V 1.5A ( can directly connect to the console by the attached USB cable * Product current: when the XBOX ONE controller is charging, the maximum current of the single handle charging can reach 500MA. When the two handles are charging at the same time, the average charging current of each controller can reach 400~450MA.

* Fan maximum rotate speed: 3500±10%PRM; maximum blast capacity: 12.6 CFM

* 1200mAh battery charging time: 2.5-4 hours ( when the capacity is large than 1200mAh, the charging time could be large than four hours. )

* Product dimension ( length*width*height ): 300*236*50MM

* Components: MICRO adapter 4PCS and one piece of USB cable