Key failure of the game handle

- Feb 02, 2019-

1, the handle button fault. Mainly because the conductive rubber on the handle and circuit board contact is not bad. This happens mainly because the contact part of the circuit board with the conductive rubber is oxidized by air oxidation. To remove these oxides, the report says they were removed with chemical cleaners, but this approach is too complicated. For us, if it is encountered in this type of failure, we need to carefully take the game handle apart, and then with the rubber on the circuit board contacts and conductive rubber contact place carefully wipe a few times, generally can smoothly wipe the oxide. This approach applies to any game handle, including PS modification handles such problems can also be solved in such a way.

Here, I would like to remind you that some PC brand game handles, generally have their warranty period, if in the warranty period, encountered such a problem or to find manufacturers to change it. 

2, another kind of handle button is not the problem is out on the conductive rubber. Generally speaking, if a handle is used for a long time, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of conductive rubber aging, wear and so on. Encountered this phenomenon, we can only replace by the method, that is, the use of the previous, or bad (of course, can not be conductive rubber bad) can not repair the handle, with a good conductive rubber to replace. If the model is the same, then the size of the conductive rubber is the same, if you can not find the appropriate to use the waste calculator cut off the conductive rubber instead.

Then friends will have to come up with a variety of ways to fix it!