IOS wireless bluetooth controller

- Apr 17, 2019-

1, It supports to be connected to IOS, Android Bluetooth version 4.0 and above for use.

2, It supports system of IOS 6.0, Android 3.2 and above.

IOS Controller

3, There is no need to load any driver, it can work only when the gamepad Bluetooth is successfully matched with the device Bluetooth.

4. When the Android mode and Apple mode are successfully connected with the Bluetooth device, it can connection mode can be automatically recognized.

Full charged

5, It is equipped with volume up and down keys, double force feedback motor vibration and other functions.

6, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless transmission function can support a range of 6-8 meters ultra-wide follow-up operation.

lateral appearance

7. Built-in 400mAH lithium battery, when charged fully, it can support the longest continuous use of 12H.

8. Bluetooth connection device display name: TI-1881.