Interface failure of the game handle

- Feb 01, 2019-

For the PS modification handle, I also said earlier, because the wiring is welded to the mouth, so it is easy to have solder detachment fault, so many friends will think that this handle is no longer used. In fact, as long as the open and mouth to see if the wiring point off, as long as the same PS modified handle, and then against the above line, the falling line again welded up on the line. Perhaps some friends will say that the handle is not in the mouth of each solder spot is defined, if I do not have the same handle is not done? Don't hurry, I will now put the PS modification handle on the mouth is how to weld to tell everyone. The intersection is a trapezoidal (electronic market has to sell) interface, everyone will be short bottom facing up, and then see that the handle should have 7 wires (in the case of standard handles, for example). Black, yellow, red, blue, green, coffee and orange, respectively. Then look and mouth there are two rows of solder needles, of which, black corresponds to the first row, the 5th, 62 solder needles. The upper row (from left to right) is the only black wire. Then there is the orange corresponding to the next row of the 2nd solder needle, yellow corresponding to the next row of the 3rd solder needle, blue for the 4th solder needle, red for the 5th, 6, 7, 8, 9 solder needles, coffee corresponding to the 1th 0 solder needle, green is for the 1th 2 solder needle. The above is the PS modified handle of the inlet welding definition.