How to use controller to play games on Android system

- Apr 27, 2019-

1. Brief introduction of the product:

Three-in-one bluetooth gamepad is a controller that can be connected and used in multi-platform like Switch, android phone, and PC through bluetooth and also can be connected by the data cable, it includes Switch pattern, Android pattern, and PC input pattern. This gamepad has function keys for setting continuous firing- Turbo function keys, camera button, gyroscope gravity sensor, and the feeling of force feedback through motor vibrators and others functions. Built-in a high-energy polymer lithium battery, the gamepad can be cycle used through recharging. 

Lateral appearance

2. Switch pattern:

Pressing button Y and button Home at the same time for about three seconds to enter search pattern of the Bluetooth, the LED indicating lamp glinting on-going like “one-four-one”, and the corresponding channel indicator light is keeping on to show that the connection is successful.

 At synchronization state or matching to connecting with the Switch, the LED indicating lamp flickering like “one-four-one”.

Switch and Android controller

3. Android pattern: 

Pressing button A and button Home at the same time for about three seconds to enter search pattern of the Bluetooth, when pairing: LED1 indicator lamp flashing quickly, and the indicator lamp will be keeping on after successful connection.

Attention: After the gamepad entering synchronous connection mode, it will turn into auto sleep within 2.5 minutes if the Bluetooth failed to connect successfully

If the Bluetooth connection is successful, the LED indicator lamp will be keeping on (the aisle light of the Switch will assigned by the mainframe).

Switch and PC controller

4. Recommend Android gaming platform (for reference)

Please download a game simulator (such as Xiaoji simulator and view or putaogame game center simulator and view http://www. KO game center, “cotton candy”, and other simulator for Android and installed on the android device, downloaded and installed the game from the game simulator to experience the game. For Android is an open platform, the design standard of each game company is not unified, that will cause the gamepad cannot be used for all the games, please take it easy.

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