History of Xbox Development

- Feb 12, 2019-

Kinect was first published on June 1, 2009 E3 2009, when the code name was "Projet Natal", which followed Microsoft's tradition of city names as development codes, and "Projet Natal" was by Alex, a Microsoft director from Brazil Kipman is named after the Brazilian city of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte.

Natal also has a nascent meaning in English, which is what Microsoft expects from the program to bring new life to XBOX360. At the time of Kinect's announcement, Microsoft announced that more than 1000 development tools had been distributed to game developers on the same day.

Kinect's bone capture technique on E3 09 has been able to capture 48 skeletal movements of four people simultaneously under 30Hz conditions. According to industry rumors, "Project Natal" will make major design changes or hardware upgrades, there will be a new XBOX360 host with it to sell together, Microsoft immediately publicly denied the authenticity of these reports. and repeatedly stressed that "paject Nata" is fully compatible with all models XBOX360 hosts on the market, Microsoft's chief executive Steven Bowell even called "Paject Nata" a new generation of Xbox at a launch, and when asked when the next generation of hosts will be on the market, Batirkin, Microsoft's vice president, claims that the release of the primary plan was enough to extend XBOX360 's life into 2015 (the normal host life cycle is 5 years).