Hell Warders Evaluation

- Jul 05, 2019-

Hell Warders, developed by Hong Kong's independent team AntiGravityGame, is currently on the Switch platform. To say that it is attractive, in addition to a strong sense of nostalgia for "the orc must die", it is more a bold attempt to play: combining the third-person "unparalleled" action with the tower defense mode to provide players with A different kind of freshness.

At this point, after experiencing the NS handheld mode and TV mode respectively, Hell Warders can't say that there are no shortcomings, and there are some shortcomings in the optimization of the handheld mode, but Hell Warders itself is a small-level positioning, in the efforts of Chinese developers. The result of focusing on polishing a gameplay is still very obvious. Although it is simple, it does not lose its own fun.

1The battle between heroes and soldiers

There is no complicated plot in "Hell Warders". After a simple opening, the hero unit controlled by the player will fight off the enemy's attack with the armed soldiers, and protect the crystal from being destroyed.

The same as the general tower defense game, each level is divided into the offensive and defensive phase and the arming phase after the suspension. Player-controlled heroes can freely place defensive units on the demon's offensive line. The movements and attacks of these units are beyond the player's control, but the hero itself can freely attack on the battlefield.

The characteristics of "Hell Warders " are also displayed on the heroes and soldiers. The hero unit has its own set of independent RPG system. In the beginning, you can choose Rainier (Swordsman), Garethet (gunner), Samson. The three styles of the three generations (hammer brother), while the growth of the hero depends on the attribute plus points and replacement equipment.

Here also gives the player some freedom, because the attribute points of the hero unit and the arming unit are shared. If the hero is added to the hero, the overall strength of the arm guard will be weak. When hit the middle and late levels, it will really change. Into the "one husband is the off" action unparalleled game. and so. The person who adds the attribute point depends on the player's own style

For the armored soldiers, they are generally divided into large-scale swordsmen, firefighters and other humanoid units, as well as mechanical units such as catapults and rifles. Each level can only select six units to enter the battlefield. Before entering the level, it will list the demons of the customs, as well as their simple information on resistance.

Therefore, the strategy of "Hell Warders" in the tower defense is relatively complete, not only a consideration of the terrain, the rational placement, but also the traditional elements such as anti-magic resistance, which is the first in the game. The big chapter "fortress" is not obvious, but in the second chapter, the difficulty rises abruptly, and the player needs to take some thoughts.

The "presence of presence" of the hero on the battlefield

As mentioned above, if the hero unit is added to the point, then the hero's output will become the main firepower of the defensive side, but this is not the only role of the hero, nor the only thing the player can do.

On the battlefield, placing soldiers and upgrading soldiers is always ready. Heroes need to collect the "points" dropped by the enemy in time to upgrade their defense soldiers. As for who is suitable, it depends on the defense on the battlefield. The situation, if a certain line is about to fall, strengthening the force is a matter of urgency.

Of course, the hero is a hero after all. In addition to the ordinary attack, the three skills can also save the game at a critical moment. This is also very refreshing when the action is "unparalleled", but the hero's "tank" movement is very retro. Reminiscent of the action game style long ago.

What I want to spit is that due to the inexplicable physical collision, the hero unit is likely to fall off the cliff, even in the arming stage after the suspension, because the scene is not very good, plus some platform boundaries are very metaphysical The situation of falling and falling to death has occurred from time to time, making people feel helpless.

At each level, the BOSS battle is a relatively tense place. This feeling of letting heroes and large monsters singled out makes the experience of "Hell Warders" more change.

The overall difficulty of the BOSS battle is not high (under normal difficulty), the feeling of looking for the black soul may be worse, but it is a cumbersome thing to prevent the advancement of the BOSS and its splash damage to the armed soldiers, and a large number of enemies. Will also appear with the BOSS, if not handled well, it will collapse across the board.

The BOSS battle made the game advance to a small climax, and also gave the player a temporary escape from the tower defense factor, and put his mind on how to deal with the BOSS.

Some areas for improvement

Although the NS version is the previous full version, there are some problems that are quite obvious. First of all, in the case of 1080P output, the details of the game are not high, and with the dark style of walking, some non-bright scenes will Make the visual sense worse.

Secondly, the game frame optimization is not very good. This problem is more obvious in the console mode. When a large number of enemies appear on the same screen and there are a lot of white balls dropped on the ground, the game will drop frames.

For the feelings of tower defense and action RPG, the tower defense has its own fixed routine at each level, including the position of the arms, so that the hero's output becomes achievable after being clarified. Nothing.

For the action RPG part, although there are skills, equipment, plus these things can be studied, but the overall does not change too much, the equipment is also the level is brushed to 5 stars to be fixed, and unlocked with the level, if you can put the elements of RPG It will be more interesting to do something deeper.

"Hell Warders" has a strong "orc must die" style, which is positioned as a small grade, and combines the action RPG elements of the third-person perspective with the tower defense elements to make the actual experience of the game more diverse.2

Due to the focus on game design, the difficulty of the game is very hard, but there is no sense of existence in other content, such as hero character portrayal, background story, etc., and the picture clarity and frame number optimization is also a big problem. Hope to be resolved in subsequent version updates.