Ghost of Tsushima by SONY

- Jun 06, 2019-

Not long ago, there were online rumors that Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima would be released in 2020. This information originated from the game rating information registered in the European Union game rating agency PEGI. According to the regulations, games that will be sold within a year can be registered in PEGI.

If the information is not reliable enough, the new leak makes the inference more credible. According to Jason Schreier, a Kotaku correspondent with many contacts in the game industry, according to his sources, "The Ghost of the Island" and "The Last Survivor 2", the new FromSoftware, a new Ubisoft game, the first part of "Final Fantasy 7" and "Cyberpunk 2077", which are rumored to be written by George Martin, will be released in 2020.

The news came from Jason Schreier's own Twitter. According to him, "Cyberpunk 2077" was originally planned to be released in 2019, but the producer finally decided that this was an unrealistic target and postponed the release date to 2020.


Back to The Ghost on the Island. It is a game produced by Sucker Punch, Sony's first-party production company, and was first released in October 2017. This work was set in 1274, against the background of Mongolia's invasion of Japan. Players play the role of "the last warrior on the island of Ma" against the Mongolian invaders.

Recruitment information released by production companies in April 2019 shows that the game is still in its early stages of production. As Sony's first 3A game, it takes only a year from its early production stage to its final release, which seems unrealistic.

Like many rumors, we still need to trust this information with reservations until the exact time of the game's release is officially announced.