Gaming Keyboard For XBOX One Controller

- May 30, 2019-

1. Product Introduction

This specification is applicable to the TYX-587 XBOX ONE second generation handle keyboard designed and manufactured by our company.

XBOX ONE second generation handle keyboard is designed according to the Xbox ONE controller developed by Microsoft Corporation. It can be perfectly combined with the original XBOX ONE two old and new handles (Figure 1), without affecting the use of headphones, compatible with XboxONE. The host version of the system, on the Xbox ONE host can easily and quickly enter text, letters and commonly used punctuation.

The product keyboard, so that players can easily group chat. The keyboard of this product is easy to read and can be easily combined with any version of the original Xbox ONE controller, and provides easy-to-use text input, Internet group chat, and game functions.


2. Product Parameter (Specification)


40 PCS


4.6 KGS





Working distance


Working current

0.8mAbutton on,8uAbutton off)



Packing Included


1*2.4G wireless adapter



3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with Xbox One Slim controller;

* Backlit design, keys glow green in the dark or in low light environments;

* This product preserves full functionality of controller and headphone jack;

* 2.4G wireless tech

* Working distance can reach 8-10m;

* Full QWERTY keyboard;



4. Product Details

Backlight Chatpad for XBOX ONE Slim

1, 0-9 (number key)

2, Caps Lock (case lock button)

3, Shift key

4, Back space (delete key)

5, the code key

6, 2.4G code indicator

7, X one original earphone base

8, SPACE (space key)

9, 3.5 headphone base

10, 26 letters and common symbol keys

11, Enter (Enter)

12, Xone original headphone male

13, 3.5 headphone holder

14, 2.4G receiving head device position

Backlight Controller Keyboard for XBOX ONE Slim

Connect the XBOX one host power supply first, then connect the HDMI cable to the display device and turn on the XBOX one host power supply. The corresponding power indicator lights up.

Connect the Xbox_one handle to the XBOX one host (please refer to the host manual for details)

Align the two connecting posts of the keyboard with the guide holes of the Xbox_one handle, the Xbox_one headphone head on the back of the wireless Xbox_one handle, and then gently push the keyboard to the Xbox_one handle until it clicks. Note: The new handle requires a 3.5 headphone plug to remove the silicone plug at the bottom of the keyboard in the direction of the arrow, and then turn the 3.5 audio plug outward until it clicks.

Controller Chatpad for XBOX ONE Slim

When the controller of the controller is connected, insert the 2.4G receiver into any USB port of the XBOX one, and press the XBOX one keyboard to the code button within 15 seconds. The code blue light will flash, and the XBOX one keyboard will automatically complete the code. (Note: When pairing, the distance between the handle keyboard and the receiving head is within 0.5 meters; if it is not matched, repeat this step).

After the code is completed, the XBOX one blue code light will be off, which means that the XBOX one keyboard can work normally.

The XBOX one keyboard and the 2.4G receiver only need to be paired once, and the subsequent use only needs to open the host wake-up handle to be automatically connected and used directly.

Xbox one earphones on the keyboard, can be compatible with the original Xbox one earphones and plug into the handle, the new handle can also be compatible with PS4, Apple's original headphones.