Doom Eternal will be no traditional death contest model

- Jun 25, 2019-

The Doom Eternal multiplayer model will not provide the previously controversial Deathmatch model, but will create a new and more balanced model.

1Players of "Destroyer 2016" may be surprised by the news: id software says that the death contest model for this work will not appear in "eternity". The "default" multiplayer mode, which replaces the death race, was the Battlemode, announced at this year's pre-E3 conference in Bethesda.


Quote executive producer Marty Stratton

There is no traditional multiplayer mode, and Battlemode is our default multiplayer mode. The coolest thing is that this mode of play extends directly from the plot battle of The Destroyer; it's a mode that players like and want, and you're familiar with the process of playing the leading role.

Why "eternity" no longer retains the death race model, he said

When we look back on Destroyer 2016, we're making something more traditional: battles test players'skills and runs (twitch). The content of multiplayer games has nothing to do with the way the plot battles are played. In the multi-player model of 2016, the characteristics of the protagonists and demons in the campaign are not reflected. This makes the whole multi-player campaign seem mediocre and uninteresting. So we decided to develop the new multiplayer model by the ID team (Editor's Note: The multiplayer model in 2016 was outsourced), and the devil fought against the protagonist.

According to creative director Hugo Martin, it is the best way to restore the plot battle style by making the new work more than one person into two demons against the main characters.


Doom Eternal will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch platforms on November 22, 2019.