Crystal Shell For Nintendo Switch Lite

- Aug 06, 2019-

We are the original designer and manufacturer of this crytal shell for Nintendo Switch Lite

This cystal shell is made of high quality PC material and it's transparent.It is perfectly suitable for Nintenod Switch Lite console,unlike many similar products in the market,ours have specific dimensions.


1.Product Introduction

Having been in video game accessory for 20 years,we know Nintendo Switch Lite must be a hot item when it release,cystal case is a good choice for protection,because it's beautiful appearance and long lasting product life.



2.Product Parameter (specification)






high quality PC


40 pcs






3.Product Feature and Application

* Perfectly fit with Nintendo Switch Lite console

* Light weight design

* High quality transparent PC material

* Long lasting product life

* Competitive price



4.Product Details

Nintendo Switch Lite Crystal Case

In this image,you can see many details of the NEW Switch Lite console and our crystal case details.Many humanized designed was made during our R&D process.

Switch Lite Crystal shell

Our Crystal Case is devided into two pieces,the face and bottom,no need to worry about the connection of both size,the quality is very good.

 crystal case for nintendo switch lite

Package is simple but special,you can nearly all the product details in this package and you are very welcome to make your own design.