charging station for PS4 controller

- Apr 20, 2019-

1. Put the charge cable USB plug into PS4 console, or insert computer and other standard DC5V AC adapter USB socket, then power for the charging dock.


2. Install the PS4 controller upside down to the dock, The MICRO interface is plugged into the charging slot of the product in the correct way, also can charge for two PS4 controller at the same time. In the charging grooves of products can map the charging state of the controller indicator lamp, The dock is charging for PS4 controller when the controller Indicator light is light on.

 charging two controllers

3. When the PS4 controller is fully charged, the controller Indicator light will extinguish. There is no light in charging groove means the controller is fully charged.

 with package

4. PS4 controller can control the state of charging by itself, it can automatically charged when The battery is not enough, Automatic power failure after filling.