Bluetooth game controller for Android,+ PS3 and PC

- Apr 29, 2019-

        1. Introduction of the product:

This is a Bluetooth gamepad that combines "Android, PS3 and PC". The controller can be wirelessly connected to the Android phone via Bluetooth function, and then connected to the PS3 game console and PC through its USB data cable for use; The gamepad supports Micro OTG data cable and Android mobile phone, Micro USB2.0 data cable PS3 game console and PC personal computer platform are connected with each other; The handle has a function key burst setting function - Turbo button and automatic burst setting function - AUTO button, there is real feedback on the feeling of motor vibration; The built-in high-energy lithium battery can be used for cyclic charging. The product has beautiful appearance, good grip, comfortable button press and ergonomic design. It is ideal choice for gamers.

2, product imagre:

Controller image

3, product function description:

3.1. Support Android mobile phone Bluetooth connection.

3.2. Support the connection of games in Micro data cable and Android mobile phone, PS3 game console, PC computer Windows10/8.1/8/7 multi-operating system, Android smart TV and other platforms.

3.3. Android phones are connected via Micro OTG cable.

3.4. Designed with Turbo, AUTO setting function, feedback motor vibration function.

3.5. L2 and R2 keys with analog function.

3.6. The HOM button is pressed for 2 seconds, and then pressed for 5 seconds to shut down.

3.7. Built-in lithium battery 400mAH 3.7V.

3.8. Connection device display name: TI-1893.

Controller lateral appearance

4, the gamepad mode and pairing connection instructions:

4.1, Android mode connection:

First press the B button + HOME button for about 2 seconds, then enter the Bluetooth search mode. When pairing: LED1 indicator flashes quickly, and it is always on after successful connection.

4.2, PS3 wired mode connection:

When the handle is off, press and hold the Turbo button, then connect to the PS3 host through the USB cable, and then release the Turbo button. After the connection is successful, the LED channel indicator is always on (the channel indicator is assigned by the host). (PS3 game console cannot be connected via Bluetooth)

4.3. Note: When the controller enters the pairing mode, if the Bluetooth connection is not successful for 3 minutes or so, the system will automatically turn off the light to sleep.

If the Bluetooth connection is successful, the indicator LED is always on.

Android controller

5. Recommended Android game platform (for reference)

Please download a game simulator (such as chick simulator or grape game room simulator KO video game city, marshmallow and other Android simulator and install it in On your Android device. Open the game simulator and download the installed game to experience the game. Because the Android system is an open platform, the design standards of each game manufacturer are not uniform, which may result in the handle not being able to be used in all games. Please understand.