Basic info of Nintendo

- Jul 02, 2019-


Nintendo was founded on September 23, 1889, and founder Yamauchi Yujiro. The main business is the development and distribution of software and hardware for home game consoles and handheld game consoles.

 Nintendo developed the most popular game series in the history of the game, Super Mario and Elf Pokemon, and the world's most comprehensive evaluation of the Zelda series. In 2007, Nintendo ranked second in the market in Japan. Nintendo DS has accumulated sales of nearly 150 million units. Nintendo ranked first in the world in the 2009 Top 40 Best Companies in the World.

Nintendo has always been committed to combating violence and pornography in the global game industry, and is committed to developing excellent all-age games, maintaining a valuable social responsibility and corporate integrity.

On April 27, 2016, Nintendo confirmed that the game console of the next generation new concept code-named NX will be released in March 2017 through official Twitter. Nintendo’s stock broke through 476 billion yen (about $45 billion) in a single day.

For the entire fiscal year 2017, net revenue was 1.0557 trillion yen (US$9.659 billion), an increase of 116% from 489.095 billion yen in the previous year. Operating profit was 178 billion yen (about 1.62 billion US dollars).

In the 2018 World Brand Top 500 list, Nintendo ranked 167th.

Corporate influence:

Nintendo is one of the most influential and well-known game platform manufacturers and a leader in portable game console platforms. Nintendo Corporation is headquartered in Japan

Centennial store - Nintendo

Centennial store - Nintendo

Kyoto. Nintendo has sold more than 2 billion pieces of game software worldwide, creating a number of famous players in the history of the game, such as Mario, Donkey Kong and creating the most classic games in the history of the game, such as the legend of Zelda. (The Legend of Zelda), Pokémon. Nintendo produces and sells home consoles and gaming software, including the Nintendo GameCube and the world's best-selling Game Boy series.

It has maintained a profit margin of more than 20% and is unique among large Japanese companies. As a very large company with sales exceeding one trillion yen, the employees have only about 5,000 employees, so the average sales per employee is also high (about five times that of Toyota). In addition, as a large-scale enterprise without any financial activities, it can be described as a maverick.

Nintendo ranked first in the top 40 global best companies in 2009. In the past five years, Nintendo's revenue has grown by 36% annually, with an average value increase of 38%.

Nintendo Headquarters Development Department

Nintendo Headquarters Development Department

Nintendo insisted on the concept of innovation to help the company develop the DS handheld game console and video game console Wii.

Nintendo has been leading the trend in the TV game industry, from the FC cross key, SFC's LR key to the swing and zoom function, N64 analog rocker and vibration package is also the first. The sleek and simple appearance of the NGC mainframe also reflects the development trend of modern industry.

On July 15, 2016, Nintendo's stock broke through 476 billion yen (about 45 billion US dollars) in a single day, breaking the record of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.