Twin Charger For PS4

Normally when people buy a PS4 console,it will comes with two controllers,which means you will need a twin charger for you controller.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

Customer are very welcomed to share with us their using experience with us,such as the feeling of insert the controller into the charging dock,there are many chargers that do not value this point,however it is very important to protect the controller's charging port. 


2. Product Parameter(Specification)


High quality ABS

Packaging includes

1* beautiful charging dock

2* micro pin adapter



3. Product Feature and Application

* Suitable for PS4/SLIM/PRO controller,very good compatibility

* Use micro pin adapter to connect the controller,can protect the charging port of the origianl controller 

* We adopt LED charging indicating screen to cut down the energy consumption and be environmental-friendly

* Customer can put their logo on the charging screen if they like

* The mini size makes it will be favor by many professional players



4. Product Details

Charging Dock for PS4 Controller

There are two charging port at this twin charger,firstly,you put the micro adapter into the charging port of your controller,then put your original controller along with the adapter into the dock,charging can be easily realized by this way.


Charging Dock for PS4

Our charging dock adopt micro usb cable to charging,this charging cable can also charge your controller directly.When you use this product,you will feel very happy for the good humanized design.


LED Dual Charging Dock for PS4

How do you think of this charging dock,as you can see in this LED screen,red means the controller is not full of charge.Green means there is no controller or the controller is full of charge.

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