Taiko Drum Game Controller for PS4

We produce Taiko Drum Game controller for PS4. The Taiko Drum is designed for PS4 game "Taiko Drum Master". It is used to play with PS4 controller. And it combines all the elements of the game and music, and you can put your heart and soul into the fun of hitting. This product is suitable for all PS4 systems takio no tatsujin game.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We design and manufacture Taiko Drum Game controller for PS4. This drum has soft surface and sensitive reaction, which is made from silica gel with good sense of touch and can enhance the game experience. OEM is welcome.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)


10 PCS


12 KGS


14 KGS



3. Product Feature and Application

* Mini Taiko Drum Taiko No Tatsujin Controller Taiko Master Japanese Traditional for Sony PS4 Slim Pro;

* Gifts occasions: opening ceremony, public relation planning, exhibition, festival, birthday, award, business gift, advertising promotion, anniversary celebration, employee benefit;

* Compatible with all PS4 systems takio no tatsujin game;

* Soft Surface & Sensitive Reaction;

* Provide you the opportunity to put your skills to the test and compete against online players;

4. Product Details

Taiko Drum for PS4 Controller

This is the side display of the Taiko Drum.

Taiko Drum Controller for PS4

This picture can directly shows the name of different parts of this product.

Taiko Drum Controller for PS4 Game

This picture not only shows the specification of this product, but also shows us the right way to install the Taiko Drum.

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