Multifunctional Cooling Stand For P4 Series

As an experienced video game accessory manufacturer, we believe that we have a responsibility to think carefully about our customers and how to improve their gaming experience. We want to create a versatile product that meets the diverse needs of our customers. The following products are a new PS4 multi-function cooling base developed by our company.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

This product base is compatible with PS4 old models, PS4 Slim Console, PS4 Pro Console.

2.Product Parameter (specification)


Single package size: 


High quality ABS



3.Product Feature and Application

*This product input circuit has over-voltage protection function and short circuit protection function. When the input voltage is greater than 5.6~5.8V, the input power will be automatically cut off to protect the base and the controllers., When the output port has a short circuit fault, the internal self-recovery insurance setting will also activate the protection function; after the output short circuit fault is removed, it will automatically resume normal operation.

*This cooling stand can be compatible with the PS4 console, PS4 Slim console, and PS4 Pro console.

*Two high-speed fans are built in to speed up the air circulation inside the PS4 console, for the purpose of heat dissipation.

*There are 10 disc grooves on the left side of the product, which is convenient for users to place 10 game discs they like to play.

*This product is powered by the USB ports on the PS4 console. There is no need to add additional power supply. The cooling stand is equiped with USB charging port.

*This product can charge two PS4 original controllers at the same time. When charging, the indicator light in the front display mirror is red, and it will become green when the controllers are fully charged or no controller is charged.

*Both sides of the product for placing the console are equipped with anti-slip EVA stickers or silicone to prevent the PS4 console from being scratched and slipped. 

4.  Product Details


* Fast cooling, large air volume and low noise


* Design intimate, prevent dust, reduce noise


* 10 disc slots can be placed, allowing users to place 10 games they like to play.

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