Multi Port USB 3.0 and 2.0 for PS4 Pro

We produce Multi Port USB HUB for PS4 Pro. This kind of USB HUB is used for PS4 Pro console. It is compact design with quite small volume and portable to take even if you are on travelling. Price is also very nice. Please take a several minutes to read following instructions to look for more information.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We manufacture Multi port USB HUB for PS4 Pro. This type includes 1* 3.0 port and 4* 2.0 ports, which is big enough to use or charge up to 5 USB accessories simultaneously. It’s small but practical design with multi ports and powerful functions. OEM orders are welcome with more preferential policies.

2. Product Parameter ( Specification )


80 PCS


6.8 KGS


8.0 KGS





Packing Includes

1*PS4 pro USB HUB

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with PS4 pro console;

* Expand your PS4 PRO to have 5 USB Ports and use more peripheral equipment;

* Allow to use or charge up to 5 USB accessories simultaneously;

* No install driver is needed, just plug and play;

* Small & portable to carry;

* Packing Includes: 1*PS4 pro USB HUB

4. Product Details

Multi port USB for PS4 Pro Console

This is the back of the product and shows the micro ports of it.

Black USB HUB for PS4 Pro

Please check details of it carefully. It can also shows us the way to install.

Black USB HUB for PS4 Pro Console

It can show us the overall effect after being installed.

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