LED Light Dual Charging Dock for PS4

We produce LED Light Dual Charging Dock for PS4. This type is the top one in some platforms because it sells quite well with high quality and reasonable price. We design it by ourselves and have patents of it. It’s special with LED indicator light on the front of it.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We manufacture LED Light Dual Charging Dock for PS4. It is used for PS4/PS4 Slim/PS4 PRO controller and can simultaneously charge two controllers. The logo is on the LED indicator light, which can embody the charging state. OEM is welcome by our company, and we can help to put your logo on the LED indicator light.

2. Product Parameter ( Specification )


20 PCS


4.5 KGS


5.4 KGS




high quality ABS

Packing Includes

1*charging dock

1* USB charging cable

3. Product Feature and Application

* Built-in Micro USB Micro adapter ports, which can allow you to securely store and charge up two controllers simultaneously without having to connect them to system.

* Dual wireless controller charger

* Fully charge can be completed within 2.5 hours when charging one controller.

* Fully charge to two controllers simultaneously within 3 hours

* With LED light indicators

* Save place & safe - specially designed for saving the place & the built-in battery of the controller with a Protector chip begins to charge when the power is below 70%

* High quality ABS;

4. Product Details

Dual Charger Dock for PS4

This is the back picture of the charging dock, which can let us see the Micro USB.

Black Dual Charging Dock for PS4

This is the state of charging one controller.

Dual Charging Dock for PS4

This is the display of the state of charging two controllers simultaneously.

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