Dust Proof Pack Kits for PS4 Pro

We produce Dust Proof Kits for PS4 Pro.
This Dust Proof Kits for PS4 Pro is practical type product. It's a kind of protective kit, which can protect PS4 Pro console away from dust.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We supply Dust Proof Kits for PS4 Pro.

It is compatible with PS4 pro console and controller, it contains a layer of cleaning sponge which can prevent the dust into PS4 pro console to prolong console's life span.

2.Product Parameter (specification)




Hight quality silicone rubber+sponge

3.Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with PS4 pro console;

* Protect consoles away from dust;

* Packing Included: 1*dust proof kit 1*user manual

* Packaging size is small and convenient to carry;

4. Product Details

Dust Proof Protective Kit for PS4 Pro

The picture indicates exactly which part corresponds to which part. The long ones should be placed into suitable place.

Dust Proof Pack for PS4 Pro

Users can do the steps according to the instruction of the picture, and it’s so easy.

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