Dust Proof Kit for PS4

We manufacture Dust Proof Kit for PS4 Console. This is a simple accessory, but can make a difference to protect consoles away from the invasion of dust. It's so little that it doesn't take up any space. Please check information below to know more.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We produce Dust Proof Kit for PS4 Console. And we use high quality silicone rubber& sponge. If you have other ideas and want to add, it’s also acceptable. OEM is welcome! We have research & design team and can help to offer the product you want.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)










High quality silicone rubber+sponge

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with PS4 consoles;

* Prevent the dust into PS4 console to prolong console's life span;

* Contains a layer of cleaning sponge;

* Material: use high quality silicone rubber+sponge;

* Volume is small;

* Own appearance patent;

* Packing Included: 1* dust proof kit; 1* user manual

4. Product Details

Dust Proof Kit for PS4

This picture shows the product in the kit.

Dust Proof Kit for PS4 Console

This is the display of the product being used. It is made up of silicone rubber and sponge, which is quite soft.

Dust Proof Pack Kit for PS4

This is our color box of this kit. if you want change it, we can offer help. We can provide our diecut for you.

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