DUAL CHARGING DOCK For PS4 Wireless Controller

In order to meet more players' demand for game peripherals and high-quality accessories, we have launched a new DUAL CHARGING DOCK For PS4 Wireless Controller. Players who want to buy a charging base can come over.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

This is our dual charging base for the PS4. It consists of a dual charging base, a rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable. This product is highly recommended because of its beautiful design, beautiful combination and competitive price.TP4-19012-04

2.Product features:

1.Adopt intelligent micro control technology to control circuit.

2.90% transforming effectiveness.

3..Charge two P4 Wireless Controller at the sane time.

4.Structure and appearance is delicate,controller placed method is convenient.


The panel has a handle charging indicator light. When charging, the red handle pattern is displayed. When full/idle, the green handle pattern indicator is displayed. The brand indicator can be changed during OEM production.


In terms of appearance, it is indeed much more beautiful than other products. Whether it is the length or height of the product design, it is in line with the public's aesthetic.


We are a professional game accessories supplier, give you the best products and the best service, welcome to come to customize.

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