Cooling Fan for PS4

We produce Cooling Fan for PS4. This kind of cooling fan has the automatic mode cooler, you can turn on it when your console gets hot and turns down when it gets cool again. There are also different cooling modes for you to choose.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We supply Cooling Fan for PS4, which has an enormous market. There is a special function for it. It owns several different cooling modes for users to choose. This cooling fan is black, but we welcome OEM. If you like other color or want to change the package, it’s absolutely accepted.

2. Product Parameter ( Specification )




6.4 KGS






DC 5V 0.15A( for bigger fan);

DC 5V 0.15A( for bigger fan)


High quality ABS

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with PS4 console;

* Can cool down the temperature when the console is over heating;

* With automatic mode cooler;

* Five fans and three different cooling modes;

* Use high quality ABS;

* Packing Included: 1*cooling fan;1*USB power cable

4. Product Details

Black Coolin Fan for PS4

This is the cooling fan with a charging cable.

Black Cooling Fan for PS4 Console

From this picture, we can look clearly that there are 5 cooling fans inside, two big ones and there small ones. That means there are different modes for users to choose.

Console Cooling Fan for PS4

This the detailed picture of this product, which shows the way to use. There are some buttons to control it.

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