Controller Keyboard Accessories For PS4

We manufacture Controller Keypad for PS4, which is used for PS4 controller. This keyboard can be used for easy text input and chat with friends after connect it to PS4 wireless controller and insert the 2.4G receiver to any USB interface of the for PS4 console.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We produce Controller Keypad for PS4 by ourselves, for we have factories and complete managing system. This keyboard combines black and blue, whose appearance is popular with many customers. The color and package can also be customized. Welcome to cooperate with us!

2. Product Parameter (Specification )


40 PCS


5.6 KGS


7.1 KGS



Working current

0.8mA(button on)

8uA(button off)

Packing Included


1*2.4G wireless adapter

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with PS4 Controller;

* Keyboard for easy text input and chat;

* Support 2.4G tech;

* Black with Blue keyboard for better recognition;

* Preserves full functionality of controller and headphone jack;

* Working distance can reach 8-10m;

* Own patent;

4. Product Details

PS4 2.4G无线手柄键盘 黑蓝色 TP4-022 03

The picture shows the accessories of it. We need to use this USB interface to connect. Another is the charging to charge the keypad.

PS4 2.4G无线手柄键盘 黑蓝色 TP4-022 04

This the back of this keyboard, we can see the electronic mark on it.

PS4 2.4G无线手柄键盘 黑蓝色 TP4-022 01

This is our color box for this product. We can design the blister tray for it.

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