Controller Clamp For PS4 Controller

Do you often enjoy a long time for playing SONY PLAYSTATION 4 console?Have you ever tried to use PS4 controller to play with mobile game? PS4 Wireless Controller Phone Clip Holder Clamp Mount Stand Bracket for Playstation 4

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

As you know,with the thrive of intelligent mobile phone,more and more people tend to play games in their mobile phone,because they think it's more convenient  to play their.But how do those people who want to play mobile games with their existing PS4 controller?What we designed is the one that could help those players.


2. Product Parameter ( Specification )


100 PCS





6.5 KGS





ABS material




3. Product Feature and Application

* High quality ABS material provide long time using experience

* Universal suitable for PS4/SLIM/PRO controller

* Perfectly fit with the above controller

* Multi-Angle to adjustable,no need to worry about the angle while playing


4. Product Details


 Phone Clamp for PS4 Controller

This controller clamp is mainly devided in two parts,the up part is the clamp for mobile phone,the down part is for the PS4 controller.



Phone Clip Clamp for PS4 Controller

As you can see, the phone in this image is perfectly suitable for our mobile clamp,the size can be adjusted.We also include an OTG cable in this package,so you can connect your smart phone with this clamp if the Bluetooth function is not work.



Smart Phone Clip Clamp for PS4

It's very easy to connect your smart phone with your PS4 controller by using the OTG cable we provided.If you buy this clamp,you can enjoy playing mobile game with your PS4 controller,which only cost a little,since it's a simple design,plus the conpact package will save you a lot for shipping.Why not take one to try?

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