Backlit Keyboard For PS4 Controller

How often do you play your PS4 console?What comes to your mind if you are playing a game that need team cooperation?On that condition,if you can chat with your friend,will that be easier to win?

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

In time communication and high techniques will help you win the game.But how to talk with or send messages to your friend is what matters to the broad user base.That's why we develpe this controller keyboard for PS4 controller.


2. Product Parameter (Specification)


40 PCS


5.6 KGS


7.1 KGS



Working current

0.8mA(button on),8uA(button off)

Built-in Li-ion battery capacity




Packing Included


1*2.4G wireless adapter




3. Product Feature and Application

* The PS4 Bluetooth keyboard is designed according to the PS4 controller developed by SONY. It is perfectly compatible with the PS4 console system. It can easily and quickly input letters and commonly used punctuation marks on the PS4 console.

* The PS4 keyboard kit allows players to quickly and easily enter letters to chat with commonly used symbols, surf the Internet, search for favorite games or more. The device is easy to install, compatible with any version of the original PS4 controller, and provides easy-to-use text input and Internet chat functions, while maintaining game and voice functions.




4. Product Details,

Backlit Controller Keyboard for PS4

As you can see in this image,several functions and button are showned above,such as the audio function,2.4G function.Shift,Capslock,Delete key and so on.


Backlit Keyboard for PS4 Controller

It is very simple to connect this keyboard with controller.After the keyboard is equipped with the PS4 handle, insert the 2.4G receiver into any USB port on the front of the PS4 host, and press the code button on the back of the keyboard within 15 seconds. The blue light of the keyboard will flash. The code can be completed automatically. (Note: When pairing, the distance between the handle keyboard and the receiving head is within 0.5 meters; if it is not matched, repeat this step).

Backlit Keyboard for PS4

The above picture shows the 2.4G receiver installed position,so as to avoid losting the receiver.Easily connect and take out of the controller and also can combine with any version of PS4 original controller.


Blue Backlit Keyboard for PS4

The keyboard and the 2.4G receiver only need to be coded once, and the subsequent use can be automatically connected by simply turning on the keyboard power switch and used directly.

Align the 3.5 audio plug of the keyboard into the audio jack of the PS4 original handle, and release the sound of the handle speaker through the speaker of the handle keyboard. Pay attention to the power switch to the “ ” file.

The 3.5 audio jack of this keyboard can be used with the original earphone. The audio jack of the original PS4 ear microphone inserted into the PS4 handle keyboard has the same effect as the audio jack inserted into the original handle.

After the connection is disconnected, the handle keyboard will automatically enter the sleep mode, enter the connection range and the PS4 host is turned on. Press any key to automatically connect back; if it cannot be automatically connected, re-open the power on the keyboard to connect back.

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