Arcade Fighting Stick For PS4 Console

Arcade Stick is specially designed for enhance gaming experience for the players when they playing fighting games. It connect PS3/PS4/Xbox360/XboxONE(S)/PC console via an original controller or third party compatible devices’ guide. After the connection, you can start to enjoy the games on corresponding devices via the Arcade Stick. It also support PC, Android phones/tablets’ simulator games.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

This arcade fighting stick has very strong function,support the games on PC, Android controller, Android pad etc, you can also exchange it to play games on Nintendo Switch console through pressing L3 & SHARE buttons 2 seconds. If you would like to play games on Android device, please press L3 & R3 buttons in 2 seconds to exchange it.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)



Product Size

341* 234* 120



Working Voltage


Cable Length





3. Product Feature and Application

* When connect without a boot/guide device, the Arcade Stick support the third party PS3 and XINPUT protocol by default.

* When connect with a boot/guide device, the Arcade Stick switch to the same protocol as the boot/guide device’s. The boot/guide devices including PS3/PS4/Xbox360/XboxONE(S)/PC original controller or third party authorized devices

* The Arcade Stick is a multifunctional integrated machine ,a perfect solution for the trouble of a dedicated machine which only support one particular device. It definitely  a must buy device for all the arcade game players


4.Product details

* Make sure the power cord, video cables of the PS4 console are well connected, then start the PS4 console

7 in 1 Arcade Fighting Stick

* Connect the PS4 controller to PS4 console.

7 in 1 Arcade Stick

* Open the front panel of the Arcade Stick, pick up the USB cable then plug it into PS4 console’s USB slot. When the blue connector indicator light flash once, means the connection between PS4 console and Arcade Stick is successful

Fighting Stick for PS4

* Connect the PS4 controller to the Arcade Stick USB slot via a equipped short cable. When the blue connector indicator light flash once, means the connection between PS4 controller and Arcade Stick is successful. Short press the Home button of the Arcade Stick for matching between PS4 console and Arcade Stick. After all these done, the analog joystick and buttons are ready for the operations in games.

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