Slide Dual Charging Dock for PS MOVE

We produce Slide Dual Charging Dock for PS Move, which is new design of Dual Charging Dock. There is a slide cover on it, which can protect it when you don't use. If you want to know more, please check concrete information below.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We provide Slide Dual Charging Dock for PS Move. It can charge two PS Move Controllers simultaneously. On the basis of traditional one, we add one more novel design on the product, slide cover. OEM is supported as well.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

Input Voltage


Input Current


Charging Current


Output Voltage


Output Ripple Wave VPP

160±15% mV


High quality ABS

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with PS Move;

* Folding design, space saving;

* Charge 2 controllers simultaneously;

* Packing Included: 1*dual charging dock; 1* USB charging cable (80cm)

4. Product Details

Slide Dual Charger for PS Move Controller

The picture shows red one, which is really special and beautiful. Colors are acceptable to choose for OEM orders.

Slide Charger Dock for PS Move

It shows the moving direction of the slide cover.

Slide Dual Charger for PS Move

This is the picture to display the details. You can check the shell.

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