Dual Charger for PS MOVE

We manufacture Dual Charger for PS Move, which can charge the PS move controller when out of battery. And it can charge two controllers simultaneous. There is no denying that we produce high quality products with reasonable price in the past 20 years.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We produce Dual Charger for PS Move. This kind of charging dock is pretty good and we welcome OEM. Products with customized logo/ packaging can be provided.

2. Product Parameter( Specification)

Input Voltage


Input Current


Charging Current


Output Voltage


Output Ripple Wave VPP

150±15% mV


High quality ABS

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with PS Move;

* Charge the PS MOVE controller when out of battery;

* Compact design, space saving, charging 2 controllers at same time;

* Quite small volume and portable to carry;

4. Product Details

Move Dual Charger for PS

The picture shows whole view of this dual charger, which is quite cute & small.

Black Dual Charger for PS Move

We know how to place the PS Move from this picture.

Dual Charger Dock for PS Move

This picture shows the charging state.

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