Cooling Fan for PS3 40G and 80G Console

We manufacture Cooling Fan for PS3.
This product is compatible with PS3 40G/80G console. It can slow down the temperature of the console when the console is over heating. What's more? This cooling fan has two USB ports, which is convenient to charge the PS3 40G/80G controller.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We provide Cooling Fan for PS3.

This product is a practical design with reasonable price and high quality. And we support OEM. It's acceptable if you want to add some ideas or do some little changes to the designs or package.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

Working Voltage:


Working Current


Packing Included

1*cooling fan HUB

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with PS3 40G/80G console;

* Cool down the temperature of consoles;

* With two USB ports, convenient to charge the PS3 40G/80G controller;

* Doesn't take up any time, convenient to carry;

* Packing Included:1*cooling fan HUB;

4. Product Details

Console Cooling Fan for PS3

This is the front of the cooling fan. It's a black one suitable to most market.

Cooling Fan for PS3 Console

Another angle to see this product let you have a better understanding of it.

Black Cooling Fan for PS3

This picture tells us the right way to place consoles and it's easy and clear to know it.

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