PC Headset

We originally manufacture this PC headset
This PC headset is a simple designed for beginners. With lower cost, this model is very popular for super market or distributor. It targets users who are not rigorous on functions but durable quality.

Product Details

1.Production Introduction

This PC gaming headset only has earphone, micphone and 3.5mm long cable. We suggest it to be included into a starter kit together with other simple gaming accessories. For the headset itself, it is not very functional but it is compatible with all 3.5mm sock devices like PC, Mobile phone, PS4 etc.

2.Product Parameter (specification)




15 - 26,000 Hz


Blue, red, green etc

OEM with private label


3.Product Feature and Application

* Durable & simple design

* Compatible with PC,NINTENDO SWITCH, mobile phone, tablet, tablet etc all 3.5mm device

* Long cable with high quality

* OEM in various colors available

4.Product Details

PC Headphone

This PC Headphone is high quality and light in weight, which is comfortable to wear when player use it for long time and does not feel tired.

PC Gaming headphone

With memory foam and adjustable length, player enjoy best-in-class feeling.

PC Mic headset

Broadcast quality is top grade. It uses lastest noise-cancelling micphone that makes voice clearly.

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