Taiko Drum For PS4/Slim/Pro Console

The Taiko Drum is designed for PS4 game "Taiko Drum Master",It is used to play with PS4 controller.It combines all the elements of the game and music, and you can put your heart and soul into the fun of hitting.

Product Details

  • Much More joyful Game Experience - Beat the drum along with the rhythms and patterns presented on the screen and hone your drumming skills with the miniature drum Controller.

  • TP4-1761 5

  • One set of exclusive sticks provide you an outstanding operation experience. Let's hit the drum and everyone will get excited.

  • The package includes 1 Drum, 1 Dedicated Stand, 2 Drum Sticks, 1 Date Line and drum Controller. Software are not included.

  • Since the operation buttons are linked to the drum, operations during the game are also possible.

  • By placing a plastic bottle in the stand, the weight increases and the sense of stability rises.

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