Double Charge Bases For Xbox One Gamepad

The double charge base with Ni-MH battery designed to charge two Xbox One gamepads at the same time, however it could only match TYX-1870 Ni-MH battery which is sold from our company

Product Details

1. Introduction:

It can charge two Xbox One gamepads at the same time. Intelligent microcircuit management control is used to assure a safe charging process. Elegant design with red and green LED charging indicator, pretty white logo, emerald green crony light at bottom as well as streamline appearance. Touch type charging mode for easy and convenient operation. It is a necessary choice for game players. 

Controller with Battery

    2.Product Parameter (specification)

    2.1Use intelligent microcircuit management control technology.

    2.2More than 90% high efficiency conversionCharge two dedicated TYX-1870 battery packages of two Xbox One game pads at the same time.

Using Instructions

    2.3Charging indicators with two different colors for easy operation.

    2.4Unique structure with beautiful looking, touch type charging mode for easy operation.

    2.5Low standby powder consumption to save energy and protect environment.

    3.Product SpecificationW3@0O)09}DEOOL)$XP2T2WV

    4.Product Details

4.1This charger could only match TYX-1870 battery package (devised for Xbox One game pad) which is provided by our company.

4.2Use the power adapter which support at least 5V1A, connect to micro USB power supply access port.

4.3Turn on the power, power indicator would turn green and logo indicator would turn white.

4.4Install the TYX-1870 battery package in Xbox One game pad then put the pad on the charger for automatic identification charging.

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