Charging Stand For Joycon

We would love to introduce this MINI four in one charging stand for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.It has a beautiful light circle on the top and the brand logo support customize.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

We understand that customer are always looking for unique item to make there products ourstanding.If that's what you are looking for,well,congratulations.


2.Product Parameter (specification)




Carton Size

Charging Current







3.Product Feature and Application

* Can charge the Joy-Con freely 

* Charging indicating light provide very clear vision to know the charging status

* Decent appearance and super great quality

* Small sizes with compact design


4.Product Details

 Charger for Joy-Con

It supports use original ac adapter to charge or use the TYPE-C cable which included in the package,when the power is connected, the joycon will be charged immediately.

HOT Charging Stand for Joy-Con

Red and green are always the universal color to show the charging status,red means the joycon is not full of charge,if you see green on the screen,it may show two status,there may be no joycon charging,or the joycon is full of charge.


Stand with charging function for Joy-Con

Customer is very welcomed to use our diecut or use their own design to begin the mass production.

Look forward to know your idea about our designs!


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