EVA Material Storage Bag for Nintendo Switsh Lite

After Nintendo officially announced Switch Lite, it has promoted various peripheral products of Switch Lite, such as transparent protective cover and host storage bag. Players who plan to purchase Switch Lite can view the surrounding products. The following will introduce you to EVA Material Storage Bag.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

We are a professional supplier, the following is the Nintendo host convenient protection package.

 Our products are mainly for the protection of Switch lite, which provides protection for the host. Whether it is anti-drop or anti-stress, it is a very safe choice.

2.Product Parameter (specification)

Carton Size






8.5 KGS


3.Product Feature and Application

*The pocket inside the storage bag can be equipped with Switch handheld and small accessories, game cards, headphones and so on.

* Can storage 17 game cards max.

*This product is easy to carry and can also better protect your handheld.

4. Product Details


The enclosure is very protective, so you don't have to worry about breaking your handheld, whether you are traveling or at home.


 In terms of appearance, whether it is the quality of the zipper or the hand strap or the protection of the entire storage bag, we use the best materials, which can be said to be the storage bag that crushes other products.


At the same time, multiple built-in mezzanine can store more things, such as game cards, chargers and so on. Basically can meet all the needs of a Switch lite player.

TNS-19091 1920x500

This EVA Console Storage Bag is a must-have for trendy players, and you deserve it.

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