Yoga Clrcle For Nintendo Switch

"Ring Fit Adventure" is a role-playing game for Switch. The ultimate goal is to save the world from the evil physique dragon through game battles. But players need to wear peripheral accessories to interact in the game. This is also the most special place for this game - all movements and skills are done through a flexible fitness ring.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

"Fitness Ring Adventure" comes with two new peripherals, "Ring-Con" and "leg strap". Just install Joy-Con and you can start playing. The two controllers can sense the arm, shoulder, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, etc., and reflect them in the game.

2.Product Parameter (specification)


3.Product Feature and Application

*The kit includes a leg strap, a flexible fitness ring (Ring-Con, high-precision sensor) and a game cartridge body. Players need to insert the left and right Joy-Con handles of the Switch into the fitness ring and leg strap. And the leg fixing strap is fixed on the leg, so that the game can detect the force of the ring pushing and pulling and the multi-dimensional motion and the movement range of the leg, and control the game character through the limb movement.

*There are men and women who can choose from a variety of sports modes. The movements can be divided into three categories: muscle-enhancing, rhythm, and yoga. Up to 60 types, including fat burning, functional enhancement, lower body strengthening, flexibility, and endurance. Exercise, explosive training, hip lifting, posture improvement, low back pain and other fitness effects.

* There is also an adventure mode with story content, through the journey of more than 20 regions, defeating the evil body dragon in the game to save the world.

4.Product Details

TNS-19269-01    TNS-19269-02

* The unparalleled "Pilates Circle" has become a new and innovative handle after the handle of the Switch is installed - hold your ring and put on your armband, the game begins! This is a classic RPG game, you will play a brave person who has been through many difficulties to save the world. The biggest surprise of this old story is that you really want to exercise.

* For example, swing to the left and right and squeeze the ring inward to control the direction in which the character runs:


* Swing down and squeeze the ring inward to skip the obstacles in front of you:


* Slide the ring on the waist to row the boat; press it inward on the waist to fly; hold the ring and raise the leg to get up the stairs:


* When the enemy comes, the game will switch to the turn-based combat system. At this point you will need to fight with more complicated movements, such as squatting, falling legs, lifting the ring, pressing the legs, and even using some yoga postures to let the ring release a continuous battle. Light waves.


*After the game is completed, the screen will display detailed statistical analysis, which includes your exercise time, running distance, burning calories and so on. In addition, there are some small details of the people in the game, such as a "quiet" mode, that is, when you are worried about playing at night, you can change the jog into a series of squats to cross the level.


"Fitness Ring Adventure" can be said to be an extension of Labo's concept. It can even be said that this is a form of VR that focuses on somatosensory expression. It is a very different virtual reality experience, so you have the feeling of going to the gym at home.

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