Taiko Drum for Nintendo Switch

We are the factory and manufacturer of this Taiko Drum for Nintendo Switch.This Taiko Drum is a perfect choice for Nintendo Switch Taiko Drum Master Game, which provide you great game experience, such as beat the drum along with the rhythms, according to patterns showed on the screen to play the drum with our drum sticks.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

We are the professional designer and supplier of this Taiko Drum for Nintendo Switch.This Taiko Drum is especially popular in Japan, people love to the play the taiko master game using our product.

2.Product Parameter (specification)

Carton size:





11.2 KGS

10 KGS


3.Product Feature and Application

* Support USB2.0 cable connection to Nintendo Switch console

* Separated design for Taiko and the control button, prevent accidentally pressing for the control buttons.

* High speed response for gaming

* Support the online upgrade software system.

4.Product Details

Taiko Drum for Drum Master

As you can see in this image, you can connect to the Switch console via a male Type-C TO USB adapter, which is easy and convenient for the player to use.

Drum with Stick for Nintendo Switch

From this image, we have many buttons and accessories in our Taiko Drum, such as, L2 button, L3 button, drum stick, R3 button, R2 button, drum stand, controller and so on.

Drum for Taiko no Tatsujin

We would like to introduce the controller further, we have screenshot button for you to screenshot your great racing result and share with your friends.Select/Start/Home buttons is also included.Our direction button provide you full-range analog directional pad.Action buttons enable you high pressure sensitive for precision control.

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