Mini Game Card Box for Nintendo Switch

We are the factory and manufacturer of this Mini Game Card Box for Nintendo Switch.This game mini card carry case is a perfect choice for those game enthusiasts,small sizes and beautiful color makes it an eye-catching product,players can classify their multiple game cards and storage in different color game card box.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

We are the professional designer and supplier of this Mini Game Card Box for Nintendo Switch.It is made of high quality PP material with our unique design, package includes three game card boxes, each can storage 4 game cards for you.

2.Product Parameter (specification)


Carton Size





3.Product Feature and Application

* Protect game cards from dust and dirt.

* Humanized card holders design for easily slipping game cards in and out

* Compact and space-saving size;

* Colorful game card boxes with beautiful appearance

* Provide convenience and portability for user

* High quality PP material

4.Product Details

Game Card Storage Case for Switch

This image shows how to put your game card into our storage case, which is simple to use, two game cards one side, other two are on the other side, you can pick out your favorite game card at in your favorite color.

Mini Card Box for Switch Console

This game card box opens in a different way compared with other products in the market, it can hold up to 4 game cards at the same time, give them full protection, easy to put in and out.

Thumb Stick Caps for Joy-Con

Thumbs stick caps are also included in this kit, we supplier caps in different heights and appearance to satisfy various needs.

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