Keyboard For Nintendo Switch

We provide this high quality gaming keyboard for Nintendo Switch Joycon.When you are playing games, you can also charge th e joycon at the same time.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

As a manufacturer of this special wireless keyboard,we suggest user who usually play game which need to  communiacate with friends to buy this item.It will be a very good accessory.

2.Product Parameter (specification)



Single package size

Single gross weight:




18X6X6 cm


0.2 kg




3.Product Feature and Application

* Convenient and Easy to Use - It really makes it much easier to do searches on the web and to chat with team mates using this keyboard.It is comfortable and doesn't add much weight.Pairing is simple.Remove the right Joy-Con and take out the 2.4G receiver header, connect the chatpad and switch console via the 2.4G receiver.

* Charging Function - It can charge your joy cons.Battery capacity:Li polymer 200mAh 0.74W.The keyboard can be charged directly with the official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter.There are some signal indicators so you will know about the charging status.The battery is full of charge after 1.5 hours of charging.

* Light Indication - When charging,the red indicator is on;when it is full of charge,the red indicator is extinguished.At the same time,the switch Joy-Con can be charged.While charging,the corresponding red light lights up;after it is full of charge,the red light goes out and the green light turns on.

* High Sensitive - Wireless transmission distance is 8 -10 meters.Wireless protocol:2.4G.Very responsive.Switch 2.4G wireless keyboard suite enables players to input letters and commonly used symbols,chat,surf on the Internet,search for favorite games or others easily and quickly.

* Good Gift - Gamers who have Nintendo Switch must love this convenient keyboard for Switch.


4.Product Details

Charging Chatpad and Grip for Joy-Con

All the keys you need on gaming,you can find it in this keyboard.It can not only work as a chatpad but also work as a charging grip,pay one cost to gain two useful function.

Gaming Chatpad for Joy-Con

This item has inside battery,so you do not need the cable to connect when it still has power,you can enjoy your gaming time without disturb.


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