Game Card Box Storage Stand for Nintendo Switch

We are the original manufacturer of this Game Card Box Storage Stand for Nintendo Switch.It is designed for Nintendo Switch game card box,let you storage your game card boxes in order.We support customize for this product,such as changing the color or put your logo on it.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

As professional supplier of this Game Card Box Storage Stand for Nintendo Switch, we would like to show you the star point of our products.With this one, you can easily put your game card box in it and it helps you storage 12 boxes max.

2.Product Parameter (specification)


Carton size:






11.4 KGS

10.2 KGS


3.Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with Nintendo Switch game card boxes

* Can storage 12 game card boxes max

* Make your game card boxes neat and orderly

4.Product Details

Game Card Box Stand for Nintendo Switch

12 game card boxes storage in one stand, which saves you a lot of space.With this product, you can also find your game card in one place easily, like finding book in your bookshelf.

Game Card Box Storage Dock for Switch

Our game card box storage dock is designed to be stable, even if you place your boxes on one side, it will still be stable on your table.

Switch Gaming Card Box Stand

There will be two gaming card box stands in this package, which means you could at least storage 24 game card boxes, that's awesome.

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