Dual Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch Console

We are China's original factory which produces Dual Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch Console.This twin charger for Switch console supports two console charging at the same time,users can also play while charging the console.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

As professional supplier of this console twin charger, we provide products with high quality.Two consoles can be charged at the same time and it will not affect the gaming experience.

2.Product Parameter (specification)


Carton size:






7.7 KGS

6.8 KGS


3.Product Feature and Application

* Can charge two Nintendo Switch consoles simultaneously

* Working as a charger&stand

* Declining charging port angle can protect the console

* Multiple players welcome

4.Product Details

Dual Console Charging Stand for Switch

Our twin charger support the original adapter to charge.The internal of the Dual Charging Dock used single-chip intelligent computer management chip MCU processor to control circuit. More then 90% high efficiency conversion output.

Twin Console Charger for Nintendo Switch

Creative artistic appearance, easy to place.Even if you place only a console on our charging base, it will not affect it's stable status.

Dual Charging Base for Switch Console

Imaging using our dual charging stand to charge your console with your friend playing on the other side, that will be wonderful.

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