Cooling Fan for Switch Console

We are the factory and manufacturer of this Cooling Fan for Switch Console.The Nintendo Switch original dock will generate a lot of heat when it is charging,our cooling fan is designed to help the dock to dissipate heat and extend the life circle.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

We are the professional designer and supplier of this Cooling Fan for Switch Console.There are three cooling fans inside the product, easy to reduce the Nintendo Switch console's temperature quickly and effectively. It has two gears:slow and fast.

2.Product Parameter (specification)


Carton Size:

USB Input Voltage




5V DC 500mA


3.Product Feature and Application

* Designed for Nintendo Switch original dock

* High efficiency cooling fan with 3 little cooling fan inside

* Close/Slow/Fast gear to choose

* The USB input voltage of the power supply is 5V DC 500mA.

4.Product Details

Heat dissipation Fan for Nintendo Switch

Put our heat dissipation fan on the original dock and plug the USB port into the original dock, then you can start to use.It's very convenient, if you do not need to use, just turn off the fan's button.If the dock generates too much heat, just open the fan to the fast gear.

Dock Cooling Fan for Switch

Our cooling fan has small size and light weight, it will affect how the Nintendo Switch dock work.Silent designing, which will not bother you when you play the game.

USB Cooler for Nintendo Switch

We support customize for the USB cooling fan, like lazer print your logo or change color of it.Please contact us for more details about this cooling fan.

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