Adjustable Stand for Nintendo Switch

We are the factory and manufacturer of this Adjustable Stand for Nintendo Switch.We provide high quality portable stand for you,it can keep your Switch console upright while playing game in Nintendo Switch. Our play stand can hold your Switch console safely in place and keeps it steady.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

We are the professional designer and supplier of this Adjustable Stand for Nintendo Switch.This product is mainly used for Switch console, it also compatible with mobile phones.We designed it with a smile face, every time you use it, you will feel happy.

2.Product Parameter (specification)



Carton Size




3.Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with Nintendo Switch/Mobile Phone/Tablet and so on.

* Portable and lightweight

* Smile face humanized design

* Low price with good quality

* Will not affect the charging status when you charge your device

* OEM welcome

4.Product Details

Playstand for Nintendo Switch

Smile face design, considering user experience.This playstand support play your favorite games while simultaneously charging the Switch device.

Portable Stand for Switch Console

Our adjustable stand allows plays to adjust the angle of the device easily. Whether you are lounging on the floor or sitting at a table, you are able to tilt the device to ensure a comfortable viewing angle.

Console Stand for Nintendo Switch

We offer 6 good viewing angles for players to choose.Rubber feet and pegs allow your Nintendo Switch to stay in place when you play.

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