Converter for Gamecube Controller

We are the original manufacturer of GC Converter for Switch.
This Converter is mainly for Nintendo Switch Console and Gamecube controller,by using this product,you can play game on Nintendo Switch with Gamecube controller.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

We are capable of producing GC Converter for Switch.

This product is can help you use your gamecube controller to play Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros.,which released on 7th December.

With this product,4 players can play at the same time

2.Product Parameter (specification)


Single package size:

Single gross weight:


8.1X10X3 cm

0.15 kg

3.Product Feature and Application

This product is a must buy for those who like play game together,Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. is a game that support many people to play at the same time,with our gamecube controller converter,you can use your gamecube controller to play.

4.Product Details

Controller Converter for Nintendo GC

This image shows our converter has four port,which means it support four controller plug at the same time.

Converter for Nintendo GC and Switch

There is an USB2.0 port on the back of this product.

An PC/Switch mode button.

Two 50cm USB cables support full time date transfer.

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