White Controller Keyboard for XBOX ONE S

We produce White Controller Keyboard for Xbox ONE S. This keyboard is suitable for Xbox One Slim controller. It is special design with white color. You can chat while play, because it has firm buttons to type, text, email, enter codes, 2.4G wireless protocol(receiver) to transfer data.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We manufacture White Controller Keyboard for Xbox One S. This product is designed by our own research and design team. It is white with Black keyboard, which can be recognized easily. Its dome button key is made up of metal which is for more comfortable pressing and longer using.

2. Product Parameter ( Specification)


40 PCS


4.6 KGS


5.7 KGS



Working distance


Working current

0.8mA(button on);

8uA(button off)


High quality ABS

Packing Includes


1*2.4G wireless adapter 1*user manual

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with Xbox One Slim controller;

* Keyboard for easy text input and chat with friends after connecting the keyboard to Xbox One Slim wireless controller and insert the 2.4G receiver to any USB interface of the for Xbox One Slim console;

* White with Black keyboard for better recognition;

* Full QWERTY keyboard;

* 2.4G wireless tech, working distance 8-10m;

* Material: High quality ABS;

* Small volume and portable to carry;

4. Product Details

Game Keyboard for Xbox ONE S

This picture can show the side surface of the keyboard.

White Controller Keyboard for Xbox ONE S

This can show front and back of this product and the comparation between them. The keyboard is white with black.

White Game Keyboard for Xbox One S

This is the overall effect after connecting with the controller.

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