Multifunction Charging Cooling Dock for XBOX ONE S X

We produce Multifunction Charging Cooling Dock for XBOX ONE S X. This multifunctional product is one of our best selling accessories. Almost all our customers give high remarks to this charging and cooling dock. For concrete information, please have a look at following introductions.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We design and manufacture Charging Cooling Dock for XBOX ONE S X. It can be suitable for three kinds of consoles. It can charge two controllers, work as vertical stand for consoles and also can hold up to 12 game discs as the users wish. OEM is strongly welcome! If you want products with your own private label and package, it's quite no problem.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)


20 PCS


17.6 KGS


18.8 KGS



Game disc storage



High quality ABS

3. Product Feature and Application

* This dock is compatible with XBOX ONE console, XBOX ONE S console and XBOX ONE X console three new models.

* Easy to use and beautiful in appearance.

* It can charge the XBOX One, Slim, X and elite controller with the included battery pack.

* Its built-in circuit has over voltage protection function, over current protection (built-in self recovery insurance), and anti-polarity protection function. Due to over voltage protection function, it can effectively protect the product, prevent abnormal external voltage and damage, two high speed fans can speed up the air circulation inside the X-BOX console to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

* This product can hold up to 12 game discs that the user prefer.

* This product is powered by the USB port on the XBOX ONE console, without additional power supply.

* This product can charge two XBOX ONE original controller with included battery pack. The top front “Charged” of mirror displays white and the bottom indicator glow red when charging, full charged, it glows green while fully charge, no controller charging or no controller placing.

* This product has one USB A end port to transfer data.

4. Product Details

Black Charging Cooling Dock for Xbox ONE S X

There is detailed explanation for every little part of this multifunctional dock. Please read carefully.

Multifunction Charging Cooling Base for Xbox ONE S X

This picture tells us the right direction and method to install console.

Charging and Cooling Dock for Xbox ONE S X

This picture shows the overall effect after installing consoles, controllers and game disks. It is multifunctional and can save space, which looks really smart.

Multifunction Charging Cooling Station for Xbox ONE S X

This is the display of the charging and cooling dock. It match the white console and controllers so well.

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