Hot Selling Charging Dock For Xbox One

This is a double charge bases with Ni-MH battery designed to charge two Xbox One controllers at the same time, however it could only match our own made Ni-MH battery which is sold from our company.

Product Details


It can charge the Ni-MH battery packages of two Xbox One game pads at the same time. Intelligent microcircuit management control is used to assure a safe charging process. Elegant design with red and green LED charging indicator, pretty white logo, emerald green crony light at bottom as well as streamline appearance. Touch type charging mode for easy and convenient operation. It is a necessary choice for game players. 


Xbox Charging dock


1,With two battery bank of 1200mAh                                                         

2.This product is designed to charge two Xbox One controllers at the same time,with light circle at the bottom.

3.After the product is connected to the power supply, you can learn about the charging state of controller in real time through the product trademark and the charging state indicator lamp displayed on the translucent lens in the front part of the product.

4.The charger uses standard DC 5V input voltage and is compatible to various USB interfaces. No special power supply is needed.

5.Featuring novel and beautiful appearance, convenient using and practical. This product is a game accessory that worth buying for game players.

6.The brand light can be changed when do OEM production. 

Product Specification

Q: Can I print my logo on the product? Can I customized the colors and finish type?
A: Yes, all these can be customized
Q: I like the design but want to change the solution, is it workable for you?
A: Yes, it is workable to change the solution as your requests
Q: I like the solution/audio but want my own design, is it possible?
A: Yes, we are specialized in doing the ODM/OEM project, so it is highly appreciated
Q: I want a different type of packaging, is it possible?
A: Yes, there is stock fee for quantities under 2000 pieces and free of charge above 2000 pieces (based on carton or blister type packing)
Q: I want samples with my own logo, is it possible?
A: Yes it is possible,Small charge will be occurred depending on requirements

Why choose us:
1) With 20 years' professional OEM/ODM manufacturing experience
2) Provide co-operation accurately and timely
3) Produce the product what you want
4) More products with advanced technology
5) Our customers include WALMART, AMAZON, GAMESTOP etc.

6) ISO-9001:2015 and SA8000 factory certificates; CE, ROHS, REACH, PAHS, SCCP, NOM etc products tested.

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