Dual Charging Dock For XboxOne /S / X/Controller

This is a dual charging dock for the XboxOne controller, which is the best choice for the XboxOne owner, you can choose.

Product Details


The Xbox controller can be charged directly into the charging dock. It can charge two Xbox One controllers simultaneously. The dual charging seat control circuit adopts intelligent micro-control technology. It has two LED indicators, one red and one green. The red handle pattern is displayed when charging, and the green handle pattern indicator is displayed when it is idle.


2.Product Parameter (specification)

 *Use intelligent microcircuit management control technology.

 *than 90% high efficiency conversionCharge two dedicated TYX-552B battery packages of two Xbox One game pads at the same time.

 *Charging indicators with two different colors for easy operation.

 *Unique structure with beautiful looking, touch type charging mode for easy operation.

 *Low standby powder consumption to save energy and protect environment.

TYX-19006 01

3.Product Details

*With two batteries and each battery capacity is 800mAh. 

* With dual color LED indicator light to indicate the charging status when using.

*With LED indicator light on the charging dock and the LED light is red/green backlit.

*The charging stopped automatically when the battery pack fully charged.

TYX-19006 04

Featuring novel and beautiful appearance, convenient use and good practicality. This product is a game accessory worth buying for XboxOne/S/X users

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